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Paint the room red, the police would go nuts.

Nice Game!

The concept here was really fun, I have to say that the killer is a pretty messy one, need to work on that lol, good work with the game :)

Very cool game. I didn't think I'd ever get away with it but persistence is the key lol. Thanks for a great game.

Super fun game! Kept getting caught out by the hidden spots but really good overall! Nice job

This was A LOT of fun! Can't say I've ever played a game like this before. Great work! (3rd game in the video)

Intense game. Loved it. 5 stars!

i failed alot of time but i finally made it at the end

Thank you guys for playing and leaving a feedback! This game has been made within two days and it's shocking that it still has so much attention after 5 years.

I think it's time to bring it back to life.

this was really helpful i had no idea what to do with the guy i killed body but this game was really easy to understand and i had a easy time cleaning up after this


this is a great game , i enjoy the gameplay alot . But you have a bug here where you keep crouching but everything work fine . I hope you will fix this thank you 


 I Liked this alot! It was panic inducing and the way it panned out was really good! There was alot of times i lost but i ended up beating it! Heres my playthrough if you wanna see it starts at 10:53! 


made me feel so guilty for no reason in a fun way 

hey the game was playing the game and it was really fun. Thinking about doing a part 2? It would help alot if you could check out my channel and possibly subscribe! Thank you!


V0odo0,  this game right here was amazing I want to say personally good work on the developments and I would like to try more of your games. 

Hey check out my videos of me playing four games including painted red by V0odo0 I want to congrats and say great game in keep up the good work.


I think this proves I would be bad at covering up murder.

keep getting stuck in crouch cant clean up all the strawberry jam in time! 

wayyyy to difficult for a two miniute game and how is this horror


(Your game is the first in the video)

A pretty neat little premise for a game, with a nice bit of suspense building. The time limit is just tight enough to stress one out, and the easily missable spots do make a good incentive to keep going. Not much in the way of scares exactly, but definitely a tense little experience. Very cool.

Played this game a while back.
Great game! Interesting concept.
After playing this game, I feel like I can cover up a murder if I have too.
Lol jk.
Keep up the good work!
We will totally look forward into trying more games in the future.


I'm in love with this game. Please also check mine out here.

how does one download this?

Hi Kermit The Frog i love you your one of My Favorite Sesame Street Charater ever

Jesus that was really stressing and i wish this magical rag existed 

Realy cool game ! The short time is very stressing xD

I really enjoyed playing this game....It was really tough spent 30 mins finishing it XD......Trimmed the vid tho...U can check it out....i just started posting on youtube hope u guys like it :p


The game is tough. I had a lot of fun. 

Fun little game and very tense and stressful. Won't lie tho, tad bit annoying because it seems you can't win; no matter how many times I play and run around the room cleaning up blood and picking up body parts, I either miss something or run out of time.

Overall I'd say this is a good game, just think it needs to be altered so that you can actually win it every once in a while!


Okay this game is a cheater, I've tried MANY times and it keeps making up clues to remove which weren't there or I wasn't able to open/move item to actually take it. This ruins the experience for me.

Deleted 2 years ago

Where is linux file ?

SKIP TO 10:55

Who would have thougth something this simple could be so damn tense?

This was a fun little game and pretty well made. If you plan to work on it anymore, new areas would be nice. 

Painted Red is short, but surprisingly challenging, with a simple premise I can enjoy. What you see is what you get here, as it's a game about cleaning a bloody mess. Literally. If you're a fan of Viscera Cleanup Detail, then this is a good fit.

Good job, dev.

I had a lot of fun playing this game. The simple concept was well executed, and kept my attention through my many, many failures. Well done to the developers, games like this are why I come to this website. It's simple, easy to pick up, and fun! If you want to see what my experience was like you can check out the linked video below. 

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