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Pretty neat idea.

I don't remember if I posted my video here or not so I'm going to anyway xD This is a good game and quite a challenge too which I like all though I sucked so bad at it xD

This game was a lot of fun!! I will def try again at some point lol here is my video!! I just needed a few more seonds haha Great work!! Love the idea of it!

good game :D


But I really liked it :D It was like a more casual, concise take on "Viscera Cleanup Detail". I could totally think of some ways this could be expanded into a pretty neat full game too, it's a cool idea, thanks for making it, keep it up please!

Check out my Lumps Play, my entire channel is 100% visual, so perfect for watching at school or work :P

This game is easy but hard simple but diverse and man this it piss me off. But still loved the game in the end thumbs up to you :D

This was a lot of fun to play ^_^ thank you for making it!

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Simple, and straight to the point. I liked your game.
This game reminded me of Viscera Cleanup Detail, minus the humorous tone.
Looking forward to play more games from you.

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The tone is so dark, and the failure theme fills me with a sense of dread (not necessarily bad things)...but holy crap this game does a great job of making you feel like you're disposing the evidence of a murder XD

I made a let's play. Hope it helps!

*Rawr* Hello! I made a Let's Play of the game, had fun! I'd definitely want a game like this expanded and give more levels :P I reference how it reminded me of Viscera Cleanup and something like this needs moar content! Here's a video of me playing it, hope everyone enjoys!