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This game is tough, but love it. 

i didn't expect it to be this intense! it is a REALLY good two minute game, worth every second. 

i could never find the last hand print but nevertheless it was a lot of fun!


Thank you for making this game! I love games like this one!!

Hi! Thanks for making this game, I made you a video

This game is hard! It took me several tries to make it. But eventually I managed to get away with murder. The game looks good and plays well.

Good job 😊

This game 

Muy divertido, lastima que a veces nos ponemos en cuclillas y después no nos deja ponernos en pie. 

I loved this game and it showed me how unfit I am to be a murderer... I failed to hide my crimes!

i played this game first in this video! I really enjoyed it played through a few times i thought i cleaned everything up but it didnt seem to allow me to progress. 

GRYNCH!!!!! the best youtuber of all time.  

I'll have my video up for this game soon

really like the game very cool and like how its simple but you made it hard to do. the only problem i had with it was when you went under the table i got stuck in crouch but other then that really fun game!!

this was so fun! :D at first i was like, what else is there to move! XD but we did it in the end :D awesome job on making this game :D 

Definitely a fun and weird experience lol

Yours, Painted Red,  is the second game!

Link to my channel (opens in new tab):

It's a neat game but causes some stress with the time limit, it's similar to a few things you had to do in the game Fahrenheit, cleaning up the bathroom of the dead body or your apartment before the police or someone notices, it's a good game but could use a few indications on what is intractable and what isn't. This was the third game I played in the video. 

Even Murderers need help sometimes XD

Awesome game, great job!

Thank You for this game! It was fun, I did it here :)

Usually avoid stressful games, but I really enjoyed this game. Would be cool if it had more levels.

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abosulute garbage i got caught and the camera  was blank bitch jk  really good game

The premise of the game is simple and really fun.Hopefully you add more levels. I made a “3 free indie horror game”  video for it. Keep up the good work!

i really enjoyed playing this i got really close to beating this but i failed lol but i really think this has a lot of potential like maybe adding levels would be cool. 

I had fun with this, i think you should expand more on the game like adding different levels and the farther you get the more difficult it becomes, i definitely will recommend this to people, had fun making a vid on it ^ cheers 

Clean your room before cops arrive

Great little game to pass some time. Very creative, even if a bit messy.

Played as part of my 3 random games :)

Cool game. Could use a sensitivity adjuster though.

Threw your game into one of my indie romps. Apparently I'd be a terrible house lady but a great murderer. Took me a fair amount of time to find all the splotches. I was salty after XD.

Your game start at 2:25

Just found this game! Glad I did it was a lot of fun! Honestly I think this game could benefit from more levels and maybe more ways to clean. I really think you have something that could be really popular. 

So frustrating yet fun!

Pretty neat idea.

I don't remember if I posted my video here or not so I'm going to anyway xD This is a good game and quite a challenge too which I like all though I sucked so bad at it xD

This game was a lot of fun!! I will def try again at some point lol here is my video!! I just needed a few more seonds haha Great work!! Love the idea of it!

good game :D


But I really liked it :D It was like a more casual, concise take on "Viscera Cleanup Detail". I could totally think of some ways this could be expanded into a pretty neat full game too, it's a cool idea, thanks for making it, keep it up please!

Check out my Lumps Play, my entire channel is 100% visual, so perfect for watching at school or work :P

This game is easy but hard simple but diverse and man this it piss me off. But still loved the game in the end thumbs up to you :D

This was a lot of fun to play ^_^ thank you for making it!

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Simple, and straight to the point. I liked your game.
This game reminded me of Viscera Cleanup Detail, minus the humorous tone.
Looking forward to play more games from you.

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The tone is so dark, and the failure theme fills me with a sense of dread (not necessarily bad things)...but holy crap this game does a great job of making you feel like you're disposing the evidence of a murder XD

I made a let's play. Hope it helps!

*Rawr* Hello! I made a Let's Play of the game, had fun! I'd definitely want a game like this expanded and give more levels :P I reference how it reminded me of Viscera Cleanup and something like this needs moar content! Here's a video of me playing it, hope everyone enjoys!

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